First Quarter Report

This year is flying by. My friends from college were here in the city for New Year’s, which was great, but once they left things slowed down quite a bit. I spent a lot of time by myself, something I’m used to, but isn’t necessarily ideal on all occasions. Anyway, here’s the first quarter:

1. January — Saw Sam Smith at the Garden. He was everything, but the venue was too big for his intimate music, despite the fact his voice had no problem filling it. Plus, I went alone, which I’ll probably never due again. The seat next to mine ended up being the only one in sight that wasn’t filled, so I could have brought a friend…

2. Was thinking about Korea.

3. Noticed a guy with a Gongcha cup on the subway = learned my favorite bubble tea place was in Manhattan = victory

4. Visited the Museum of the Moving Image. Cool place. It’s free on Friday nights. Got to see original “Taxi Driver” shooting scripts…

5. … And research for “The Wiz!”

6. For Lent, instead of “giving something up,”I took on the writing practice of morning pages, #focus, meaningfully investing in the vision. But, sometimes morning pages ended up being night pages.

7. Attended a MLK Jr Day event at BAM to hear Dr. West speak.

8. Dressed in many layers: coat, jeans, fleece leggings, undershirt, long sleeved shirt, knit sweater, heattech socks, heavy socks, heattech mittens, gloves… Working outside’s not always that great. #StreetPhotographerStruggz

9. February — Made the shoe bench in Burlington Coat Factory my OOTD (office of the day) for a minute in order to escape the cold and avoid having to purchase a coffee in order to rent a seat in Starbucks.

10. March — First basketball game at Barclays. Golden State Warriors vs. the Brooklyn Nets. So much fun. Stephen Curry (*clap* *clap *clap clap* *clap)

11. Trudged through the snow. Cold feet. (cue Tracy Chapman)

12. Started painting again. Not very regularly though.

14. Thought I’d run on a relatively warm day, assuming the snow would be melted. Nope.

15. Filled my lens compartments with books and burritos. Korilla was my first “Korean” meal since getting back.

16. But then I realized I could make something similar myself for much less $$$.

17. Warmed by the stained glass at church. So soothing.

18. Appreciated Palm Sunday.

19. Surprised when I pulled out Google Maps in Midtown to find it transformed into Pac-man. Fun. Google must not know what else to do with all their money…

So, that’s that. The second quarter will be wrapping up in a blink or two, and so far it’s been much more interesting, so stay tuned…


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