Sandwich #2 (The America) Part I: Brioche Hamburger Buns

My favorite burger chain in New York is Bareburger. I like how they’re environmentally friendly — and also serve fantastic burgers. One particular menu item, the “Big Blue Bacon” burger, is the stuff of dreams. It’s spread with a bacon marmalade, which changed my culinary worldview.

When I got back to the States from Korea, I tried to make my own version of the Big Blue Bacon, bacon marmalade and all. Thus, I present #2 in the Sandwich series, The America, a burger on a brioche bun with bacon marmalade.  Original recipe for the brioche found here.


Brioche Hamburger Buns:

Prep: about 5 hours, 30 minutes (1.5 hours active); Yield: about 20 buns

You’ll need:
– 360 g eggs
– 80 g sugar
– 1150 g milk
– 15 g yeast
– 700 g flour
– 200 g butter (cold)
– 20 g salt



1. Mix eggs, milk, sugar, and yeast in stand mixer with dough hook until well combined.


2. Add dry ingredients to mixer little by little. Mix on low. Once cohesive, add butter and mix on medium for about 25 mins or until dough pulls cleanly from sides of bowl.


3. Grease container with oil. Add dough to container. Cover and refrigerate for two hours.



4. Prep baking sheet with parchment paper and rings misted with oil. (Buy rings or make them with foil.)



5. Divide dough into 80 g peices using kitchen scissors.



6. Roll portions into buns.




7. Let buns rise in rings, covered on baking sheet for two hours.



8. Glaze buns with egg wash, (50 g egg and 50 g milk whisked together).

egg wash


9. Bake at 347º F for three minutes with pan of hot water (pre-boiled) below buns. Remove pan and continue baking for 7-10 minutes or until golden.


10. Cool buns in rings and store.



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