I spent the weekend on the lovely island of O’ahu with this song stuck in my head the whole time:

Hawaii was amazing. I’ve been to islands in the Caribbean before and was expecting Hawaii to be something like that, but it far exceeded my expectations. Like, I’m honestly considering moving there someday.


We — my family and I — stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki. The rooms were nice, the amenities were great, and the staff was super island friendly.

Our first full day in Hawaii, we summited the famous Diamond Head State Monument. The weather was perfect for hiking — as the weather in Hawaii is most every day, so the park had its fair share of visitors, but it wasn’t overcrowded. The hike was a steady incline, nothing like the towering staircases of Korea, but many people still struggled. Even athletic types broke a bit of a sweat. Though, the view from the top was certainly worth the journey and we got to see bunkers used during WWII.

On our second full day, after being tipped by a friend who frequents Hawaii, we visited the famous Waiola Shave Ice stand. I’m not a huge shave ice person, but this was delicious. Definitely the best I’ve ever had. Let me recommend the “POG” flavor.

After the treat, we drove over to Kualoa Ranch for a horseback ride. #Paradise. I love horses and for years have wanted to work a summer at a ranch so that I could learn to ride, but that may just remain a fantasy… The ranch was huge. While there, we also took a movie tour to see all the locations on the property that have been featured in films. Cool cool. Really beautiful vistas out there. You feel so small next to the mountains and the ocean.

For the last day, I took a surfing lesson with my sister and chilled in the ocean. So, in a word, Hawaii was awesome. For sure somewhere I’d like to spend lots of time in the future. I won’t be traveling much in the next few months, maybe years, so this was a great final trip to end the season of adventures far from home. Now on to some in my own city, New York, New York. Couldn’t be happier to be back.



  1. Tisha Tran · October 21, 2014


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