Korean Snacks

One of the things I found most interesting when I started teaching here in Korea was how readily the kids shared their snacks with each other without being prompted. Whenever we go on field trips and the students bring bag lunches from home, the lunch area becomes like a buffet where students take bits and pieces of what their friends are having. On these days I am always introduced to new snacks, as the kids stuff food into my mouth — literally. (Images marked ** are items I received from students.)

While regularly I try to eat healthy foods, I admit I have a snacking problem. Here is documentation of that, but I hope it also gives you a look into the types of snack foods available here in Korea. I decided to post this now so that I have no excuse to continue purchasing junk food, haha. Scroll over the pictures or click on an image for details.


I usually have a granola bar for breakfast. The one I eat most — Dr. You — isn’t pictured here. I’ll try to update that later…



Crackers are my go-to. I consume far too many crackers in a given week. I usually get the Zec ones, the Korean version of Ritz crackers. The last time I went to buy them at my local convenience store, the cashier was like, “You really like these crackers, huh?” Yeeeeah… Time to address that cracker habit.


Cookies and Cakes


Chips and Other


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