Cooking in Korea (Revisited)

Remember that time I said I was going to become a master of two pot dishes? I lied. Sorry. I didn’t realize I was lying at the time. I mean, I started out alright, but then there was a general decline in my efforts…

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Recently, I was pretty stressed from work and busy with creative projects (screenplays and set design), so I was eating out a lot for convenience sake. But really, you can get pretty legitimate meals in Korea for under five US dollars, including unlimited refills on side dishes (banchan), so…

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With that said, I realized I may not have been making the best nutritional decisions, going out all the time, so I’m back to cooking and looking out for my health in general. Thankfully, I got a new apartment and now live pretty close to a Korean “wellbeing” supermarket that has mad cheap produce. Here it is and what a typical haul looks like for me:

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My new place only has one burner, so I’ll have to be extra creative now. Maybe I’ll eventually try to become a pasta expert, but for now, I think my focus will be sandwiches and stews… but don’t hold me to that.


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