Street Food

Usually during for holidays I bake for my coworkers, friends, and students. Pumpkin bread, gingerbread-pumpkin ice cream sandwiches, molasses cookies, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my fall and winter staples. However, now being without an oven, I have no idea what to give people. Sigh. I think food might be my love language. Is that be possible? I mean, some of you may know of my not-so-secret, joking-but-not-really ambition of starting a food truck…

In New York, street food is taken seriously, and there’re amazing food trucks everywhere. Since being here in Korea, I’ve only seen two food trucks, but there are a ton of street food stands, and a lot of their menu items are quite tasty. Here are some notables I’ve tried:



Some other satisfying things you can find on the street: kimbap, fish shaped red bean pancakes, walnut cakes

There are also a lot of things I’ve yet to try/have no desire to try…

Other things I see a lot but haven’t tried: roasted chestnuts, grilled and dried squid, grilled corn on the cob, potato chip swirl things on skewers, custard filled churros…

Street food. Tastes good. Not the best for you, but hey, moderation, right?


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