Hongdae Playground

Last night, my friend and I decided to make an impromptu trip to the “Hongdae Playground.” It’s a graffitied up park area that’s become a sought after venue for street performers and underground musicians.

Once we found the playground, (it’s adjacent to this Smooth King), we learned that it was karaoke night and enjoyed a few performances. I kind of wanted to sing (#yolo) but decided to play spectator instead. Since we hadn’t planned on staying out all night, we had to leave at 11:00pm to catch the last subways and buses home, but that was when things were really just starting to pick up. We wished we could’ve stayed longer.

During the warm months, the park is packed, so hopefully we’ll make it back then and get to stay out later. But anyway, here are a couple of the acts we watched yesterday:

(WARNING: this one contains some expletive language)


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