Mixtape: Thanksgiving 11.28


1— Apparently, there are places you can grub for Thanksgiving in Seoul, but I didn’t know about them, so instead, I’m sitting in my room listening to Drake and Lecrae (his new album is free!).

2 — I’m thankful to have an awesome family and amazing friends all over the world. Told them not to send me anything. Got two huge surprise packages anyway.

3 — Been reading these every morning and night. Good stuff:

4 — “33 Signs You’re a New Teacher:”
#2, #8, #9, #12, #14, #16, #22, #23, #27, #28, #29, #30, #33

5 — One of my kindergarten classes has twin boys in it. When this happened, in my mind I shouted, “Let the boys play, ref!” because recently my inner monologue has been quoting Remember the Titans in excess… Thankful I sometimes get to laugh at work.

6 — In the words of Nicki Nick, “No. I’m not lucky I’m blessed.” Thanksgiving is a lifestyle. Trying to be about it.

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