Day Trip: Daebudo

The church I’ve been going to here in Korea is really great. The service is in English, but the congregants call over 20 different countries home.

In addition to normal Bible studies, they also have activity based small groups. Like right now, I’m in a taekwondo group, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll be a yellow belt come December. So, that’s pretty fun. I’m also part of a day trips group, which has been a nice way to see the country and meet new people.

A couple weeks ago we took a trip to Daebudo, a little island a few hours from Suwon.

When we got to the island, we visited a new, manmade park situated on strip of land reclaimed from the sea. We took a guided tour of the area and learned about the irrigation and gardening difficulties there, with the land being so sandy and all.

Though, with cosmos blooming in every direction, you’d never know the soil wasn’t fertile.

After the park, we walked along the beach for a bit and watched some local fishermen haul in their catch.

Then, we headed to a seafood restaurant to taste some of the cuisine the island was famous for, namely, shrimp, haemul pajeon (seafood pancake), and a noodle that I think was called kalguksu.

For the shrimp, our waitress brought over a bucket of live creatures, dumped them into a boiling pot in the middle of our table, and closed the lid. Horrified, we all listened for a solid minute as the shrimp fought for their lives. Then, it was silent. One of the Korean ladies at our table opened the pot, dished the shrimp, and instructed us to pull the heads and legs off and eat…

It was a nice trip. I wouldn’t want to do the shrimp part again, but the ocean was pleasant. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of how small we are.


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