Notes from the Field: Day Two

  • woke up at 05:30. stomach creaking like an 80 year old house. only provisions trail mix and chocolate: ate entire godiva almond, sea salt bar. no guilt. no shame.
  • wait for acceptable wake-up time. rediscover itunes library. 
  • kindergarten class. so much energy they have. so adorable.
  • chuseok origami in final morning class. become paper folding wizard. still must conquer the art of making paper hanbok pants.
  • student comments on my new hairstyle–straightened hair pulled into bun. oh, just you wait, young sir…
  • girl student has adorable madeline pencil case. where can i acquire such?
  • lunch most filling rations yet. five korean dollars worth of sixteen new york dollars of sushi.
  • only one afternoon class. student force feeds me paris baguette butter roll. surrender gluten free battle and accept the deliciousness of steam bread.
  • walk home from work. in search of wifi. light rain.
  • starbucks menu in korean. try to pronounce word for coffee. blank stares. struggz. my korean needs improvement.
  • continue the journey home. mad rainy. fear red velvet shoes will not survive. was hoping they’d endure one more winter.
  • pass mad smelly parking lot, like soggy burger king. motivation to walk faster.
  • landmarks have disappeared. where am i? string of mental expletives.
  • land ho! rediscover the path. praise the lord, o my soul! everything that is within me will sing of your great love forever!
  • mad tired. review spending while waiting for dinner with coworkers. food very affordable here.
  • din din at nearby barbecue place. delish. my spirit is revived. 
  • sleep at a regular hour. gentle rain falls outside window. mmmmm.

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