Welcome to After 1220. 

I figured the first post here should be some sort of introduction, but what that looks like, I’m not sure. 

1220 was the last dorm room I lived in at college. 

I laughed a lot in 1220; I learned a lot in 1220; I watched a lot of Gossip Girl in 1220;  I cried a lot, a lot in 1220. 

But I also grew up a lot in 1220, learning more of love and compassion and forgiveness and such.



1220 has come and gone; my year there is over, but certainly not forgotten, and now, whether I want to or not, whether I’m ready or not,  I’m moving on.  I suppose though that I am ready, because I am moving on.



I guess what I’d like to say is thank you. Thank you to everyone who was a part of that year, everyone who sang with me, cooked with me, cleaned with me, danced to “Love on Top” with me. Everyone who debated social issues with me and listened to my monologues. Everyone who let me introduce them to Friday Night Lights and let me pray with them, and who prayed for me. Everyone who inspired me to be a better person. Everyone who got me through 1220. I couldn’t thank you enough, and I look forward to our paths crossing again, after 1220.



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